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Watching as the book unfolds
making mistakes and never learning
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3rd-May-2009 04:30 pm - Um, K.
Zabiela is NEXT SATURDAY. My calendar got mixed up XP~

I texted my friend Migs saying I can't go because I had to go to some family thing. And her replied "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat" and I thought it was of disbelief, later on to findout its actually next week and not yesterday. You have no idea how hard I knocked myself in the head.

So yesterday I went to Malate,Manila at Ka Freddie's bar for my sister-in-law's birthday. It was loads fun, just joining the mosh pit in my friggin' heels coz that's how I roll.

I went to Embassy the other night and found out Dim Mak will be here! I have to go I have to go CORY KENNEDY!
1st-May-2009 07:57 pm - leather and lace
OHYAYYYYY! I passed my oral thesis defense :)

So I am out soon to celebrate, and again tomorrow cause Zabiela is in Manila! I am so not passing on this one, I saw pics of Santigold on her Boracay gig and man that realy made me bawl. So this time around, I'll kill before I let anyone stop me!

My mom was sick this morning, she was vomiting and looked horrible with sunken eyes and pallor. A little later she collapsed. I was so nervous I kept fidgeting on my way to school for the defense (in turn, I was late). But they called me hours later to tell me mom is okay! Whew.

I just found out my brother has a girlfriend who supposedly is a local celebrity. I might meet her but... I'm not her fan, so I'm not excited or anything. Haha. Why cant any of my 6 brothers date Kaya Scodelario or Ellen Page, some celebrity I actually care about? Gah.

Anyway I'm off to wash my hair and get ready. Have a nice one! :D
28th-Apr-2009 05:28 pm - Hm.
I think I should use this journal more often other than friending my FF
friends and commenting like crazy at Skins/lj :P

Im on my way home soon, and I have some school to do. I have a Japanese
exam tomorrow but.. I don't feel like reviewing.

Me and my Novice friends are puttin gup a party, but failing miserably
at the sounds department. We can't find speakers for rent yet! Gah.
But I really can't wait, it's taking its shape. WE're only expressing teh
love for epic music that is Trance. I hope they feel the love for some
 Deep House/Electro-Pop that night!
So maybe I should talk more about Novice soon. :)

Zabiela in two weeks! I always can't decide what to wear :(
But first, my sister-in-law's produced gig that is an acoustic night this
weekend. It's going to have various artists and the Aguilar family.

Wow, lovely.


PS: I need to werk on scouting for a mood theme....

Pairing: Effy/Freddie
Notes: All music in this fanmix are by local artists in my native town Philippines.
          Comes with a lyric sheet. Title in English translates to "Now, you know".
          All songs in English, though.

No Copyright Infringement Intended

(click photo to D/L)
 hxxp ---> http

1. Urbandub-No Ordinary Love

I keep crying
I keep trying for you
There's nothing like you and I baby...

This is no ordinary love.
2. Up Dharma Down-Every First Second

Coz I’m the only one
Who can change your life
And you could swear by the things
I wouldn’t do.

3. Rivermaya-You'll be Safe Here

From the sheer weight
Of your doubts and fears
Weary heart
You'll be safe here.

4. Kitchie Nadal-Same Ground

Self-denial is a game
It’s strange, I never would've
wanted if until there was you.

5. Eraserheads-With a Smile

In a world where everybody
Hates a happy ending story
It's a wonder love can make the world go round

__________comments are so much loved<3________


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